Duel was released on November 13th, 1971.
Filming locations include Acton, Santa Clarita and Toluca Lake, CA.

David Mann's house - 10414 Bloomfield St. Toluca Lake, Ca. 91602

Chuck's Cafe - 12625 Sierra Hwy. Santa Clarita, Ca. 91390
(Le Chene French Cuisine)

School bus tunnel scene - Soledad Canyon Rd. Ca.

Train track scene - Soledad Canyon Rd. and Crown Valley Rd. Acton, Ca.

Sally's Snakerama Station - 9661 Sierra Hwy. Santa Clarita, Ca. 91390
(Pepper Tree Market)



  1. Excellent research. Must be great driving aroung looking for exciting places with your laptop or tablette on the passenger seat. Well done !

  2. Nice work! Do you know the exact location of the cliff from the finale?

    1. Thanks Christian. I'm sorry, I haven't been able to track down the exact spot where the semi went over the cliff yet.

  3. The final crash is on the ridge just off Vasquez Canyon road. There is a hard left which has a road doing a 180 to Vasquez Canyon road. Here is where he hit the embankment, then continued up onto the plateau. The car and truck went off somewhere up there.

  4. raf, you're absolutely right! I plan on visiting this location the next time I'm in the area. Thank you.

  5. ...This is so cool of you to put this effort in for us movie guys!...the reason im here this morning is yesterday i had a 'Duel' moment driving home, it was out of the blue but it sent me back to watching this film as a kid, scary stuff! :)